The Enchanted World of Skippity Hop

   A new series of eleven great original, classic stories by Andrea Black

Awarded The Children's Writers' plaque at the foot of a beautiful great oak
tree, planted to mark the birthplace of Skippity Hop in King George
Recreation Ground, Bushey.

“where, oh where did I put my little blue book?” said Skippity Hop. Perhaps it had been burrowed? She might never see it again.

ISBN 978-0-9571496-0-1

A wonderful new Series of books with audio CD for 4-8 year olds

Perhaps the most iconic and must have Children's book of 2012 comes from the author Andrea Black. The Adventures of Skippity Hop, The Little Blue Book, is the first in this series of eleven completed original stories, created to inspire children across the globe.

Andrea Black's books have been received with so much enthusiasm by young children, that a commemorative plaque was unveiled, to mark the actual birthplace of her character Skippity Hop.

    'In a small enclave of Bushey, in a cosy little burrowed home, Skippity hop was born at some point in time. No-one knew when,
    exactly, but the stars were twinkling that night.'

Although the other ten titles have been announced, the actual stories by Andrea Black are being kept hidden away as a closely guarded secret by her publishers, in a deep burrow next to The Ancient Skrolls of The Ways of Rabbitdom.

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